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Important Information

Useful information to help insure your Cabin Fever Vacation is all it can be and more…

Reservation Agreement and Policies: When staying with Cabin Fever Vacations you are agreeing to abide by our rental policies. Please take a moment to review the policies by clicking here.

Wasps: Wasps may appear during warm spurts in the winter, spring and late fall. Please be aware that when we experience unseasonably warm weather wasps begin to awaken from their winter slumber thinking it is spring time. During the late fall the wasps lay their eggs in the cracks and crevices of the cabins to keep them warm during the winter months and when the temperature rises the wasps awaken thinking it is spring time and leave their winter homes and mistakenly wander inside the cabins. Sometimes just a few and other times there may be a lot of them. While we do all we can to prevent this, you may notice an infestation during these times of year. Please contact our office and we will have the pest control company come and spray immediately. If you are allergic to wasp and bee stings please be prepared with the appropriate medications.

Carpenter Bees: Carpenter Bees may appear during the spring and summer months. Male carpenter bees tend to be territorial and can buzz around you if you approach closely, sometimes hovering a short distance in front of your face or buzzing around your head. Since males have no stinger, these actions are just for show and intimidation. Females do have a stinger but are very docile and rarely sting. While we do all we can to prevent these critters from boring into the cabins, they are carpenter bees and cabins are their favorite place to live. Please contact our office with any concerns, unfortunately common sprays do not do much to ward off these bees. If you are allergic to bee stings please be prepared with the appropriate medications.

All properties are privately owned: Please note that all of the properties managed by Cabin Fever Vacations are privately owned and built. Each cabin is built to the specification of the owner or the builder. Amenities, equipment, floor plans and décor are at the owner or builders discretion. Each individual has their own idea of what a property should and should not have. Some of these items are regulated by the specific resort a property may be in. The amenities and décor are subject to change without notice. From time to time an item may break and be removed from the property while it is being repaired or replaced. While we do our best to keep our website updated with the latest information, this is not always possible. We apologize in advance for any items not present upon your arrival. Also, because all cabins are privately owned, from time to time cabins may no longer be available for occupancy for one reason or another. In the event that a cabin is no longer available we will make every effort to rebook you in an equivalent property. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact our office.

Kitchens/Bath Supplies: All cabins include nicely equipped kitchens, if you plan on doing a lot of cooking you may want to bring additional pots and pans and cooking supplies. We provide a starter supply of dish soap, hand soap, trash bags, and dishwasher detergent (if unit is equipped with a dishwasher); paper towels and toilet paper are supplied as well as linens (sheets and a starter supply of towels). NOTE: If you are staying for several days, you may want to bring additional towels and beach towels for the hot tub or bring laundry soap to wash your towels in cabins equipped with a washer and dryer. At Cabin Fever Vacations we try to be an environmentally friendly company and if you can hang up your towels and re-use them during your visit this will help us have a lower impact on the environment. Also note, not all cabins have washers and dryers or dishwashers. Please check the amenities list for your cabin to see if your cabin has a washer and dryer or dishwasher. You may also want to bring coffee, sweetener, your favorite soap and shampoo as well as any other little items that are part of your daily routine. We do supply the basics but for extended stays you may want to bring additional supplies.

Refrigerators: Upon your arrival the refrigerator will be empty. Piling in a bunch of “warm” food will cause the refrigerator to work very hard to cool your food. You can determine if the refrigerator is cooling by checking the freezer; if the freezer is working, the refrigerator is cooling and it will just take a bit for the refrigerator to catch up. Please be patient, this could take several hours. If the freezer is not working please contact our office so that we may contact the appropriate repair service and have this repaired as quickly as possible.

Water Supply: Please be aware that most of the cabins have well water and from time to time you may see some discoloration or notice an odor from the water. This is the nature of well water being drawn from the earth; if for any reason the coloration or odor of the water persists do not hesitate to contact our Office. Also note that a well requires power to pump the water to the cabin, if for some reason there is a power outage at the cabin; the water will stop flowing but should return as soon as power is restored. Please contact our office to report in power outages so that we may contact the local power company for repair.

Hot Tubs (outdoor): Please note that your hot tub has been drained and re-filled prior to your stay for your safety. Your hot tub may not have heated to its appropriate temperature upon your arrival. Hot tubs heat about 10 degrees an hour, please be patient and please insure the cover is securely on the hot tub. If your hot tub does not show signs of heating after an hour or so, please contact our office so that we may contact a subcontracted hot tub repair company. Also note that the tub is filled with well water, please see above. You may notice an odor or some mild discoloration, typically this is from the well water reacting with the chemicals in the hot tub. If you have any questions please contact our office.

Jacuzzi Tubs (indoor): Jacuzzi tubs typically hold 100 to 150 gallons of water. The average size of a hot water tank at the typical cabin is 50 gallons. That being said, you need to fill the Jacuzzi with a partial amount of hot water and a partial amount of cold water. The water in the tub once full will not be hot but warm. If you are looking for hot water please use the outdoor hot tub. Also please note the from time to time you may see discoloration come out of the Jacuzzi jets when you first turn them on. This is due to water setting in the jet lines between stays. We do our best to keep these lines clean but this is not always possible. If you have any concerns during your visit please contact our Office.

Sleeper Sofa(s): Sleeper Sofa’s or Sofa Beds are generally recommended for children not adults. These sleeping arrangements are meant for convenience not comfort. If you are looking for comfort for older children or adults we do not recommend counting a sleeper sofa as sleeping arrangements, again they are not made for comfort. Please account for this when booking your next property. We do our best to insure the sleeper sofa(s) are in good working order and in the best shape possible but unfortunately this is not always possible since we are not sleeping on them. The sleeper inserts are made for non-commercial use and need to be treated gingerly in order to have a long life expectancy. Please open and close these with care. If you have any concerns about the sleeper sofa(s) during your visit please contact our Office.

Gas/Wood Burning Fireplaces: All Fireplaces are closed from April 1st through October 1st each year. If you cabin is equipped with a gas fireplace, from time to time you may notice an odor of gas outside the cabin, as long as the pilot light is lit in the fireplace, this is probably the pressure release valve at the gas tank. If you are concerned please contact our office. Please do not place any foreign items in gas fireplaces or burn anything including paper and marshmallows in the gas fireplaces. These fireplaces are not made for burning or roasting anything.

Gas/Charcoal Grills: Please verify which type of grill the cabin you have reserved is equipped with, be it charcoal or gas. If your cabin is equipped with a charcoal grill please be sure to bring the appropriate supplies, charcoal, lighter fluid and matches or a grill lighter. If you cabin is equipped with a gas grill please Do Not Use charcoal or any other foreign materials in the grill. When you are finished cooking please double check to ensure the gas has been turned off at the tank or shut off valve as well as ensure all grill knobs are in the off position.

Local Television Service: Most cabins; due to their location in the mountains have satellite TV, either Direct TV or Dish Network. For this reason and depending on the individual package the owner of the cabin you are staying in has subscribed to, not all cabins have access to the local channels, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Please note this if you are planning on watching one of your favorite shows or sporting events. Sometimes rabbit ear antennas do help but not usually due to the mountainous region the cabin are located in and the time of year, leaves or no leaves on the trees. Due to the fact that each cabin is privately owned access to Pay-Per-View channels whether the cabin has cable or satelite is not possible.

Administrative/Hot Tub Fee: In accordance with our commitment to excellence and the Sevier County Health Department, all hot tubs are cleaned and treated prior to each check-in. Because of this, and all the processing involved with booking reservations, a non-refundable $75 Administrative / Hot Tub Fee will be added to each reservation. If reserving a cabin with a private swimming pool, a $60 pool fee will be added to the reservation, to help with cost associated in maintaining a private swimming pool.

Housekeeping Delays: We will do everything we can to make sure your cabin is ready for your stay. It is our mission to provide you the cleanest cabin in the Smokies, so that you will become a guest for a lifetime. Due to our high standards for cleanliness, there is a chance that not all units will be ready for check-in promptly at 3 pm, especially during peak and holiday season. We ask for your patience and suggest that you have alternate plans for a couple of hours in case your unit is not ready. While we do our best to get you in your cabin by 3:00 p.m. from time to time this is not always possible and we cannot guarantee your check-in will be 3:00 p.m. and we cannot offer any compensation for any delays in your check-in. We will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Cabins in the Mountains have Mountain Roads and Mountain Driveways: You have booked a cabin in the mountains therefore you will be traveling on mountain roads and mountain driveways. Some of these mountain roads and individual mountain driveways are steep and narrow. In certain cases, you may have to turn your vehicle around and enter the driveway from the opposite direction due to the angle the driveway meets the mountain road and some of these driveways may be very narrow and steep and may not be very accommodating to larger vehicles or multiple vehicles. Each cabin and it’s driveway are privately built and the driveways are not necessarily designed for ease of access. These issues are amplified once the sun has set. Please be patient and prepared for any weather conditions. During the winter months we highly recommend 4-wheel drive for all of our cabins. Please call 1-877-244-0065 or visit www.tn511.com for current road conditions. Also remember to be patient; you will experience some traffic as you get closer to the Great Smoky Mountains, during holidays and special events this is amplified. Enjoy the scenery and know you will soon be enjoying the much needed Cabin Fever Vacation you have been looking forward to.

Check-Out procedures: Check-Out time is 10:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. To allow us to complete the cleaning of the cabin for the next guest’s arrival, this time is strictly enforced. While we do have each cabin professionally cleaned after your getaway, we do ask that you follow a few simple and quick procedures prior to leaving to insure the cabin is in good shape and that we are able to get the next guest in the cabin quickly. We ask that you please place your dirty towels next to the nearest bath tub, wash, dry and stow all dishes in their original locations upon your departure. It is ok to leave the last load of dishes, clean and in the dish washer, place your trash in the outdoor animal proof trash receptacles, dispose of or take with you all food and beverages, return all furniture to its original location and insure that all windows and doors are locked.

If for any reason you need anything during your vacation our office is open Monday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. EST and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST and can be reached by calling (904) 602-8377 from your cabin or toll free 800-473-3163. Please do not hesitate to call, we are here to help.

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